Jean-Daniel Pollet

Jean-Daniel Pollet – Le sang (1971)

Le Sang re-enacts the utopia of the Living Theater, a theatrical company founded in 1947 and boasting collective creation, the liberation of bodies (the actors played naked) and the counterculture. But happiness is dangerous and the utopia mortal: Leon drowns in the dance, believing to find freedom. (imdb) Read More »

Jean-Daniel Pollet – Une balle au coeur (1966)

Francesco, a young Sicilian aristocrat, scars an aging gangster who has set out to take away his property. The gangster vows to obtain vengeance, and Francesco is forced to flee across Greece with his girl friend, pursued by his antagonist’s vicious henchmen. Read More »

Jean-Daniel Pollet – La ligne de mire (1960)

One of the first films of the French nouvelle vague, this film has been never released. In fact, Jean-Daniel Pollet did not want the film to be made available to the public at all, and it only found it way out of Archives Françaises du Film after the death of the author. Read More »

Jean-Daniel Pollet – Le maître du temps AKA The Master of Time (1970)

An alien, master of the time from a distant star who travels centuries to centuries, explores our planet. He finds himself on a Brazilian beach with his magic ring. Read More »

Jean-Daniel Pollet – L’acrobate (1976)

Google translate wrote:
Fifth and last film of the Jean-Daniel Pollet / Claude Melki duo. Léon, a Keatonian bath boy, one day discovers tango. It’s the passion. Léon will either be a dance champion or not. Léon takes his first steps with Smoke, a prostitute with whom he is in love. Together they win prizes. Together, they… At the same time jerky and harmonious, imbued with mood swings and breaks in tone, a fascinating dance film which embraces its subject with airy grace, all this with the wonderful music of Antoine Duhamel Read More »

Jean-Daniel Pollet – L’amour c’est gai, l’amour c’est triste aka Love Is Gay, Love Is Sad (1971)

Leon is a tailor and he believes men are coming to see his trollop sister Marie to have their palms read. Then Arlette, a young provincial girl saved from suicide by Marie, comes to live in the apartment… Read More »

Jean-Daniel Pollet – Dieu sait quoi (1994)


Dieu sait quoi can be described as a cinematographic essay managing to convey Francis Ponge’s approach to the world, his special relation between silent objects and speech, defining the space of life and knowledge. Read More »