Jean-Denis Bonan

  • Jean-Denis Bonan – Tristesse des anthropophages (1966)

    A Christ is sentenced by his peers to return to his mother’s womb. Rejected by the censorship commitee on the grounds of “scenes of extreme eroticism and dialogs of the scatological and obscene variety”.Read More »

  • Jean-Denis Bonan – La femme bourreau AKA A Woman Kills (1968)


    ‘Paris, in the 1960s. A series of crimes troubles the public tranquility. On March, 22, 1968, Hélène Picard, a prostitute sentenced to death two years before for several murders, is killed by executioner Louis Guilbeau. Immediately, the violent crimes, similar to Hélène’s ones, go on again. In parallel, Louis is having an affair with the police woman in charge of the investigation… What are the obscure relations hidden behind the executioner and the mysterious killer? Who is this dark man in reality?’
    – UniFranceRead More »

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