Jean-François Davy

Jean-François Davy – Traquenards AKA Erotique (1969)

Hans Meyer and Roland Lessafre are a couple of buddies who get mixed up with a white-slave trader. Pursued by a pair of mob-connected brothers, Lessafre is killed. Meyer retaliates by killing one of the brothers, then enlists the aid of his friend Anna Gael in tracking down the remaining sibling. When Meyer himself is killed, Gael is abducted by the slavers… Read More »

Jean-François Davy – L’attentat (1966)

Jean-François Davy’s first film.

Summary (from the DVD box): Summer 1966. Paris has been attacked by OAS terrorists. André, a pinball engineer and a writer, spends his spare time on women and political meetings. Frustrated by the useles petitions and strikes he decides to respond to right-wing terror by left-wing terror. Read More »

Jean-François Davy – Les pornocrates AKA The Porno Kings (1976)

This is a documentary on the 70’s French porn industry. There are generally two kinds of porn documentaries–those that actually take an insightful look behind the scenes, and those that are just an excuse to show a lot of nudity and XXX porn footage. This is actually somewhere in between. It’s generously seasoned with porn footage, but there are also a lot of (fully-clothed) interviews, and they even talk to the owners of porn theaters, some typical porn customers (including some pre-adolescent boys who are walking by the the theater–I wonder what their parents thought of that?), as well as a guy who makes promotional billboards for porn movies although he claims never to have seen one! Read More »