Jean-François Laguionie

  • Jean-François Laguionie – Le tableau (2011)

    A delightful and innovative CG-animated fable, Le tableau is set within the world of an unfinished painting whose artist has abandoned his incomplete creations. In his absence, the finished drawings (the “Alldunns”) take over governance of the painting, relegating the partially completed “Halfies” to second-class citizenship and declaring a war of extermination against the thinly outlined “Sketchies.” But when an Alldunn, a Halfie and a Sketchie wind up sharing a journey downriver to parts unknown, they discover other paintings, other beings, and learn that the world beyond their own frame is richer and more diverse than they ever imagined. Returning from their adventure, they must persuade the others to learn acceptance, to see the bigger picture and to realize that everyone is, in their own way, a unique work of art.Read More »

  • Jean-François Laguionie – La traversée de l’Atlantique à la rame (1978)


    Synopsis : Palme d’or du court-métrage au Festival de Cannes 1976.
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