Jean-Jacques Beineix

  • Jean-Jacques Beineix – IP5: L’île aux pachydermes AKA IP5: The Island of Pachyderms (1992)

    Jean-Jacques Beineix1991-2000DramaFrance

    Yves Montand gave his final – some say fatal – performance in Jean-Jacques Beineix’s IP5, dying shortly after the shoot. A weird, almost spectral presence, his character seems headed for the grave, if he hasn’t just come from there. He first appears in the back seat of a car, giving us, and the pair of young drifters who stole the vehicle, a ghost-like shock.Read More »

  • Jean-Jacques Beineix – Diva (1981)

    1981-1990ArthouseFranceJean-Jacques BeineixThriller

    A young opera-loving mailman, Jules, becomes inadvertently entangled in murder, when a young woman fleeing two mob hit men drops an incriminating cassette into his mailbag. Jules has just recently recorded opera star Cynthia Hawkins’ latest concert, something of a coup as Hawkins refuses to make recordings of any kind. Soon Jules finds himself the target of the hit men, who want the voice recording, and also of another couple of ominous and mysterious agents.Read More »

  • Jean-Jacques Beineix – 37°2 le matin AKA AKA Betty Blue [Director’s Cut] (1986)

    1981-1990DramaFranceJean-Jacques BeineixRomance

    When the easygoing would-be novelist Zorg (Jean-Hugues Anglade) meets the tempestuous Betty (Béatrice Dalle, in a magnetic breakout performance) in a sunbaked French beach town, it’s the beginning of a whirlwind love affair that sees the pair turn their backs on conventional society in favor of the hedonistic pursuit of freedom, adventure, and carnal pleasure. But as the increasingly erratic Betty’s grip on reality begins to falter, Zorg finds himself willing to do things he never expected to protect both her fragile sanity and their tenuous existence together. Adapted from the hit novel 37°2 le matin by Philippe Djian, Jean-Jacques Beineix’s art-house smash—presented here in its extended director’s cut—is a sexy, crazy, careening joyride of a romance that burns with the passion and beyond-reason fervor of all-consuming love.Read More »

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