Jean-Pierre Mocky

Jean-Pierre Mocky – Litan (1982)

In the town of Litan, a local festival or celebration day is occurring—townsfolk dress in masks, play music, make merry. Nora (Marie-José Nat) awakens from a nightmare and is convinced that she’s prophesied some impending doom. Rushing to her husband, Jock (Mocky), who’s job involves some kind of demolition work at “the Black Rocks,” she plunges into a bigger nightmare, where telephone calls are routinely interrupted by crossed wires leading to mysterious messages from “the cemetery,” and strange rotoscoped glow-worms lurk in the waters, waiting to dissolve those who fall in… Read More »

Jean-Pierre Mocky – Y a-t-il un Français dans la salle? AKA Is There a Frenchman in the House? (1982)

Plot: Based on a novel by Frederic Dard who also co-scripted with director Jean-Pierre Mocky, this satire on French politics is centered around an official whose earlier rise to power had some sordid aspects that are about to be uncovered by the death of his uncle. While he is trying to contain any potential scandal, the man becomes enamored of the daughter of his uncle’s maid. This new romance inspires him to forget worries about a public image and focus on a new life — not any easy objective when unsavory friends and foes have their own agendas in mind. Read More »

Jean-Pierre Mocky – Les vierges aka The Virgins (1962)

The story of five girls who are looking for their first love and first lovemaking. Some will get their heart’s desire, and some will get their hearts broken… at least for a while. Read More »

Jean-Pierre Mocky – Agent Trouble AKA The Man Who Loved Zoos (1987)

Amanda Weber is a museum employee. Her nephew, Victorien, who feels that wild animals should not be kept in zoos, while hitchhiking saw a mysterious bus with 50 dead tourists that later was found by autorities at the bottom of a lake. When Victorien gets in very serious problems due to what he saw Amanda seeks to find out what happened and soon also becomes a target. Read More »

Jean-Pierre Mocky – Un couple AKA A Couple (1960)

‘Pierre, a humble employee in a toy factory, has been married to Anne for just three years, but already he senses they may be drifting apart. To avoid an acrimonious break-up later on, the couple agree to separate. Try as he might, Pierre seems to be incapable of starting an affair with another woman, not even with Véronique, one of his colleagues. At a party given by their friends, Pierre and Anne meet up and settle their differences. They decide to go on an alpine holiday together but their truce proves shortlived…’
– Films de France Read More »