Jean Valère

  • Jean Valère – Les grandes personnes AKA Time Out for Love (1961)

    1961-1970DramaFranceJean Valère

    Successful fashion executive Michelle (Micheline Presle, The Assassin) attempts to commit suicide when she realizes that the man she loves, Philippe (Maurice Ronet, Purple Noon), has started drifting away from her. But she fails and an American beauty, Anne (Jean Seberg, Breathless), helps her get back on her feet.

    Soon after, Michelle hires Anne to help her with her daily projects. She also changes her hairstyle and shows her what dresses to wear so that she looks as attractive and elegant as the Parisian women. When Philippe reappears, she encourages her to start exploring the city with him.Read More »

  • Jean Valère – Les grandes personnes AKA Time Out for Love (1961) (HD)

    Jean Valère1961-1970DramaFrance

    Teetering on the one-dimensional, this romantic drama about the coming of age of a nineteen-year-old American woman in Paris is fairly straightforward. Ann (Jean Seberg) arrives in the city of light to visit her uncle, a doctor. But she soon finds herself taking care of a professional woman who is recovering from a suicide attempt and a broken heart. Ann slowly builds up a hatred for the man who drove her charge into such a desperate state but then begins to waver after contact with him. Aside from this association, she meets a different crowd than the one she knew back home in Nebraska, and changes in her attitude, dress, and hairstyle are the result. These alterations only lead her into trouble, as she starts an affair with the very man she had hated earlier. (Allmovie)Read More »

  • Jean Valère – Mont-Dragon (1970)

    1961-1970DramaEroticaFranceJean Valère


    For the sake of completeness with regard to the Jacques Brel (feature films) filmography as an actor, I’m uploading this movie though it is a poor quality rip, presumably from a vhs.

    Mont-Dragon is probably the most obscure of the movies in which Jacques Brel starred. This goes for its current unavailability as well for its dark and filled with perversion plot. It’s a typical stylish movie of the beginning of the 70s, with many at-the-time shocking dialogues and situations that nowadays has become very much out-of-time and out of fashion, and with the recurrent aim to reveal the hidden dirty affairs of the bourgeoisie.Read More »

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