Jeanine Meerapfel

  • Jeanine Meerapfel – La amiga AKA The Girlfriend (1988)

    Jeanine Meerapfel1981-1990ArgentinaArthouseDrama

    This film is a story of a close, but complex friendship between two women against the backdrop of the military dictatorship. They swear everlasting friendship and promise to become actresses. Twenty years later, Raquel has indeed become a famous Argentine actress. Maria is married to an electrician and has three children.
    1976. The military take over the government. Carlos, Maria’s oldest son, is taken away by a special commando. Despairing, Maria turns to her influential girlfriend, Raquel. The two women begin their search for Carlos. The two go to police departments, barracks, official bureaus. But nobody will give them information. And those who ask questions are themselves suspicious. Raquel is also threatened.Read More »

  • Jeanine Meerapfel – Die Verliebten AKA Days to Remember (1987)

    Jeanine Meerapfel1981-1990ArthouseDramaGermany

    Katharina, a German journalist of Yugoslavian origin, comes to Podgorica to prepare a material for her TV-show. There she meets Peter, a young German, who came to Yugoslavia to make his own investigation about his father’s Nazi past.

    Days to Remember (German: Die Verliebten) is a 1987 West German drama film directed by Jeanine Meerapfel. It was entered into the 37th Berlin International Film Festival.Read More »

  • Jeanine Meerapfel – Annas Sommer AKA Anna’s Summer (2001)

    2001-2010ArthouseDramaGermanyJeanine Meerapfel

    Anna is the Jewish daughter of a Spanish mother and a Greek father. She has returned to her family’s house in Greece after many of her friends and family members have died over the years. Although she came back to the house in order to sell it, things begin to take a different direction: The house itself, the furniture and other equipment in it seem to become alive for Anna, recalling images of her past, her beloved parents and her friend Max, who once gave her shelter from the raging policemen when she took part as a photo journalist in a political demonstration in Berlin. Anna changes her mind: When some rich, ignorant American couple wondering about if they should buy the house asks for the swimming pool (while the Mediterranean is half a mile away), she simply doubles the charge, and finally puts the “For sale” plate into the garbage can. In the meantime, she has had a little love affair with a young man from the village, found a girlfriend from her childhood days, swum in the sea, and found a way to live in peace with her melancholic memories.Read More »

  • Jeanine Meerapfel – Malou (1981)

    Jeanine Meerapfel1981-1990DramaGermanyRomance

    Malou feels that the difficulties she is experiencing in her relationships lie in her past and so she searches out information about her mother. Her mother, a nightclub singer who lived in Germany, France and Argentina, becomes the focus of a series of flashbacks through which we learn of her mother’s stormy life and the difficulty she had in bringing her up. These insights enable Malou to sort out the difficulties in her own life.Read More »

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