Jeremy Weisfeld

Jeremy Weisfeld – Deep Crates: A Documentary Film Dedicated To The Art Of Beatdiggin’ (2004)

Deep Crates is the first ever full-length documentary film exploring the exciting world of beatdiggin`/record collecting culture from a hip-hop perspective. This film endeavour features some of hip-hop`s most elite producers and DJ`s including the likes of Diamond D, Madlib, Lord Finesse, and Da Beatminerz, as they deliver the goods with a hip-hop history lesson and wild tales of crate-diggin` adventures never before revealed on film. Read More »

Jeremy Weisfeld – Deep Crates 2: Documentary Film Dedicated to Beatdiggin’ Culture [+Extras] (2007)

Deep Crates 2 documents the history behind diggin’ for samples and creating beats. The 2nd Deep Crates DVD installment takes you back to the origins of sampling records with some of the culture’s founding pioneers. Worldwide diggin’ spots are exposed from the USA to Canada to Japan. From first impressions, Deep Crates 2 appears to be a step up from the crude shooting and editing of the original Deep Crates. With a shorter list of featured producers, one can expect longer interviews with more potency. Features in studio footage and exclusive anecdotes from some of the most famous crate diggers on earth. Read More »