Jérôme Reybaud

  • Jérôme Reybaud – Jours de France AKA Four Days in France (2016)

    2011-2020DramaFranceJérôme ReybaudQueer Cinema(s)


    Disillusioned with his life in Paris, Pierre Tomas drops everything to travel through France. Via phone numbers written in bathroom stalls, coincidental rendezvous, and Grindr, a smartphone app, Pierre never ceases to find a parking spot for the car he so dearly maneuvers. As he wanders the country for four days and four nights, his lover, Paul, will try to find him, using the same app that compasses Pierre. In a game of absurdist cat and mouse, these two lovers try, in their own ways, to find their way back to one another.Read More »

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