Jerónimo Rodríguez

  • Jerónimo Rodríguez – Rastreador de estatuas (2015)

    2011-2020ChileDocumentaryExperimentalJerónimo Rodríguez

    When Jorge, a Chilean filmmaker living in New York, decides to seek a statue of a Portuguese neurologist in a park in Chile, a curious investigation begins in the streets of Santiago, Brooklyn and Lisbon, but also through the history of his native country and his own family memory – for which he tries to fi ll in the gaps. And what if the statue were really a bust? Or just a plaque? What if, instead of being in Chile, it were in Lisbon? And what if the film were really about something else? Because, from this starting point in anecdotal appearance, Jeronimo Rodriguez creates a refl ection on memory and disappearance – of people, places and things.Read More »

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