Jerzy Hoffman

Jerzy Hoffman – Ogniem i mieczem AKA With Fire and Sword (1999)

by Unkabunk of Cinematic
Spectacular battles, rollicking humor, and lavish production values frame a sweeping romantic drama that all audiences will enjoy. At the time of its release, this lavish historical epic was the most expensive Polish film ever made. Based on the novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz this grand drama is set in 17th century Poland during the Cossack uprising against the Polish nobility. As the violent confrontation builds, a battle for the heart of a beautiful girl rages between a dashing Pole and a brutish Ukrainian. This is a special full-length version, including footage not in the original theatrical release.

This is the first film from a trilogy of books on which the movies are based. The second is ‘Potop [Deluge] (1974)’ and the final one being ‘Pan Wolodyjowski [Colonel Wolodyjowski] (1969)’. Read More »

Jerzy Hoffman & Edward Skórzewski – Gangsterzy i filantropi AKA Gangsters and Philanthropists (1963)

A criminal mastermind responsible for a failed robbery and an accidental petty conman meet inside a prison carriage. Soon they are both going to hear the court verdict. Read More »

Jerzy Hoffman & Edward Skórzewski – Prawo i piesc AKA The Law and the Fist (1964)

At the end of World War Two, Polish people move to the western lands vacated by Germans. But some ruthless profiteers pose as government representatives and intend to make off with loot from a deserted town they took over. One honest man stands up against them because he believes these goods belong to the people. Read More »

Jerzy Hoffman – Tredowata AKA The Leper (1976)

A simple governess and a wealthy aristocrat fall madly in love with each other. However, his family are prejudiced towards her and have other plans for him. Read More »

Jerzy Hoffman – Potop AKA The Deluge (1974)

Nominated for a Best Foreign Film Oscar in 1974, this follow-up to WITH FIRE AND SWORD is set in the 17th century during the Swedish invasion and occupation of Poland, known as The Deluge, which left the country in ruins.
Based on a novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz, Deluge follows the romance between a violent soldier and the young woman who tries to tame him. Read More »