Jerzy Stefan Stawinski

  • Helena Amiradzibi & Jerzy Stefan Stawinski – Wieczór przedswiateczny aka Christmas Eve (1966)

    Storyline: The third movie ,that Stawinski created with his wife Helene Amiradzibi had to be dreamy story about human loneliness, oscillating between realism and surrealism. To break out main character from real time and space ,Stawińscy decided to shoot the entire film in the studio. Makeshift houses, movable walls, artificial snow emphasize the conventionality of the presented world and pay attention to the inner experience of man.Read More »

  • Jerzy Stefan Stawinski – Pingwin (1965)


    A story about love and the life of the youth of the sixties. A film saturated with insightful psychological observations and the warm, affectionate relationship of the central character.Read More »

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