Jesús Garay

  • Jesús Garay – Eloïse (2009)

    2001-2010DramaJesús GaraySpain


    A young girl hospitalized with a coma manages to have a relationship with an enigmatic girl

    Asia, an 18 year-old girl, is in the hospital in comatose state. Her mother and her boyfriend, Nathaniel, take care of her. Little by little we’ll see the events that led Asia to the hospital, the relationship with her mother, her girlfriends and her boyfriend, and specially with Eloïse, an enigmatic girl who introduce her in a new world of feelings. With her, Asia will revive a painful episode from her past, a one her mother will not allow to see the light. Finally, Asia will face everybody to be happy in her relationship with Eloïse.Read More »

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