Jet Leyco

  • Jet Leyco – For My Alien Friend (2019)

    2011-2020DocumentaryJet LeycoPhilippines

    Stories of Filipino men and women, and other living things passing through similar objects, familiar spaces, non-linear time and dreams alike–all connected from the lens and experience of a stranger, an Alien whose language is disconnected and demands an interaction from the viewer to reconnect these stories to find their own meaning.Read More »

  • Jet Leyco – Bukas na lang sapagkat gabi na AKA Leave It for Tomorrow, for Night Has Fallen (2013)

    2011-2020DramaExperimentalJet LeycoPhilippines

    On 21 September 1972, the Philippines were plunged into a dark night lasting sixteen years. On that day, President Marcos announced a state of emergency. Censorship, intimidation and distrust tarnished the days in the oldest democracy in Asia, until the dictator fled the country after the controversial elections of 1986.
    Leave it for tomorrow, for night has fallen is the answer Jet Leyco was given as a child when he asked about the old days. He never knew his grandparents, on either side, and the only story he knew about his mother was of her simple wedding. He reconstructs the past; a past of which he has only hazy childhood memories.Read More »

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