Jim Van Bebber

  • Jim Van Bebber, Marcelo Games & Mike King – Doper (1994)

    1991-2000DocumentaryJim Van BebberUSA

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    Very funny documentary by Dayton filmmaker Jim Van Bebber about two hard-core weed addicts who operate heavy machinery and actually believe they do a better job if they’re totally stoned by the time they get to work, get stoned again at lunch time, and spend every night drinking beer and doing more dope. At the factory where they work, Van Bebber interviews little old ladies who go on and on about what “good kids” they are and how great their work is. The two stars are Bill, a guy who got kicked out of the Marines for doing dope steadily for six years (I’m not gonna do it forever–or maybe I will, who knows?) and Barry, a forklift-driving doper who wins the Employee of the Month plaque while stoned (Live for yourself– live today and then worry about tomorrow when it gets here– that’s the way I go). – Joe Bob BriggsRead More »

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