João Botelho

João Botelho – Tráfico AKA Traffic (1998)

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It all begins when an average family (slightly chilly because they’re forced to take their vacation out of season) is struck by good fortune.

Jesus the couple’s young son, finds a hidden and forbidden treasure in the sands of a deserted beach: the wealth of the hearth.

The same day, and not so far away, two priests decide to close the doors to their church due to lack of a congregation, and auction off the images of their beloved saints.

Between the wealth of the heavens and the spirit of matter they embark on an adventure. A banker with auditory hallucinations when he talks about money.

The replies of a minister with visual hallucinations when influences are concerned.

An elegant, suave and mysterious woman, with a beatiful wig and splendid colors, excites everything wherever she goes. Read More »

João Botelho – Quem És Tu? AKA Who Are You? (2001)


Aged 13, Maria Noronha is an estremely pale and fragil girl, sick with tubercolosis. In order to alleviate her suffering, she gathers poppies from her garden, and at night puts them on the pillows on her bed. But the poppies have a devastating effect. Her deep sleep is disturbed by terrible ghosts and hallucinations: about the decadence of the Portuguese XVII century, the Jesuits’s power and the terrible Inquisition. Read More »

João Botelho – Tempos Difíceis AKA Hard Times (1988)


Even if adapted from Dickens’ Hard Times, the writer’s world fits perfectly in the Portuguese reality of these times. In a hamlet, that functions as a social microcosms, great wealth & extreme poverty mingle, so do culture, ignorance, perversion & ignorance. Griffith’s channelled via Júlia Britton. Read More »

João Botelho – Filme do Desassossego AKA The Film of Disquiet (2010)



A room in Lisbon. A man dreams and establishes a theory to make it come true. This film is based on The Book of Disquiet , the posthumous work of the Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa. It portrays the solitude of man through picturesque images and dramatic effects. Read More »