Johan Renck

  • Johan Renck – Downloading Nancy (2008)

    2001-2010DramaJohan RenckUSA


    Film is based on real events: link

    By Kam Williams
    If you were contemplating suicide, but couldn’t quite summon up the nerve to do yourself in, where would you turn for help? In the Internet Age, you might surf S&M chat rooms to find a sadist whose fetish corresponds with your masochistic tendencies.

    That’s precisely the approach taken by Nancy Stockwell (Maria Bello), a clinically-depressed housewife who’s fed up with her lot in life after being stuck in an unsatisfying marriage for 15 years. It’s not that her emotionally-estranged husband, Albert (Rufus Sewell), has exactly been abusive or anything, unless mere neglect counts. He’s just been very busy, between the demands of his job and working on his golf game.Read More »

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