John Dahl

  • John Dahl – The Last Seduction (1994)

    John Dahl1991-2000CrimeFilm NoirUSA

    Director John Dahl’s The Last Seduction is an updated film noir centering around a seductive, cheerfully lethal femme fatale. Bridget Gregory (Linda Fiorentino) talks her gullible, easily manipulated, doctor-husband Clay (Bill Pullman) into pulling off a $700,000 drug deal to pay off his gambling debts. But while Clay is in the shower, Bridget quietly leaves with the money. She ends up in a bar in a small town where she meets Mike (Peter Berg) and uses him to further her scheme to keep the money and get rid of her inconvenient husband. Linda Fiorentino was championed by many critics for a Best Actress Academy Award nomination, but neither she nor the movie could be nominated since the film had made its debut on cable television.Read More »

  • John Dahl – The Last Seduction (1994) (HD)

    1991-2000CrimeFilm NoirJohn DahlUnited Kingdom


    A devious sexpot steals her husband’s drug money and hides out in a small town where she meets the perfect dupe for her next scheme.Read More »

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