John Goldschmidt

  • John Goldschmidt – Play for Today: Vampires (1979)

    “Vampires” is set in (then) present-day Liverpool and is about a young lad who finds proof in some catacombs that a vampire exists. Along with his classmates he organises a big hunt for it.
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  • John Goldschmidt & Jack Rosenthal – Play for Today: Spend Spend Spend (1977)

    Based on the true story of Vivian Nicholson, whose husband Keith won £152,319 on the pools (a sum that would be worth in excess of £2 million today), Spend Spend Spend is a modern morality tale in which two naïve working-class northerners are thrust overnight into a world of hitherto unimaginable wealth, which they prove wholly unable to handle. This is demonstrated from the start when Vivian, suffering from severe stage fright, blurts out during the formal presentation of her winnings that she’s going to “spend spend spend!”, thus creating an impression of selfish hedonism that’s largely at odds with the complex characterisation that Jack Rosenthal goes on to give her.Read More »

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