John Greyson

  • John Greyson – Zero Patience (1993)

    1991-2000CanadaJohn GreysonMusicalPolitics

    Zero Patience is a 1993 Canadian musical film written and directed by John Greyson. The film examines and refutes the urban legend of the alleged introduction of HIV to North America by a single individual, Gaëtan Dugas. Dugas, better known as Patient Zero, was tagged in the popular imagination with the blame in large measure because of Randy Shilts’s history of the early days of the AIDS epidemic, And the Band Played On. The film tells its story against the backdrop of a romance between a time-displaced Sir Richard Francis Burton and the ghost of “Zero” (the character is not identified by Dugas’ name).Read More »

  • John Greyson – Pissoir aka Urinal (1989)

    1981-1990CanadaDramaJohn GreysonQueer Cinema(s)

    A mystery man brings together a group of dead, gay artists to investigate a police response to the dilema of wash-room sex in Toronto. The artists have seven days in which to report on the ethics of police tactics. The artists infiltrate the police only to discover that they themselves are under surveillance as a political subversive group. The artists explore and report on the evolution of toilets and wash-room behavior.Read More »

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