John Hayes

  • John Hayes – The Hang Up (1969)

    John Hayes1961-1970ExploitationUSA
    The Hang Up (1969)
    The Hang Up (1969)

    In The Hang Up, middle-aged vice squad cop Robert Walsh (Tony Vorno, aka Sebastian Gregory) has been reduced to dressing up in drag (complete with a terrifying red wig) to frequent local bars and break up all that nasty corruption. The debauchery here is appalling, complete with a peroxide blonde in a man’s suit doing a floor show with another woman in a negligé who strips to her skivvies and rubs her silicone implants. Appalling! As it turns out, his latest drag assignment involves catching phony cops blackmailing gay clients, which climaxes with Walsh punching out and head butting one of the perps until his wig goes flying across the room. However, Walsh is disgusted by his surroundings as he vents his distaste for hookers, homosexuals, and child molesters, the targets of his trade.Read More »

  • John Hayes – The Cut-Throats (1969)

    John Hayes1961-1970ExploitationUSA
    The Cut Throats (1969)
    The Cut Throats (1969)

    A captain hand-picks half a dozen American soldiers for a desperate mission in Germany, to get possession of vital WW2 plans – but he keeps another secret up his sleeve.Read More »

  • John Hayes – Sweet Trash (1970)

    1961-1970CrimeExploitationJohn HayesUSA

    Down on his luck alcoholic longshoreman Michael Joseph Donovan (Duncan McLeod) finds himself in deep trouble after he racks up a huge debt to some vicious local mobsters. Donovan decides to go on the run, which only compounds the severity of his already dire situation. While on the lam Donovan has surreal encounters with various lusty ladies and colorful eccentrics from the slummy neighborhood he resides in.Read More »

  • John Hayes – Baby Rosemary (1976)

    1971-1980EroticaJohn HayesUSA

    Troubled and sexually repressed Rosemary has serious issues with her estranged father abandoning her as a little girl at an orphanage. Rosemary neglects the carnal needs of her boyfriend John, so John turns to prostitute Unis to satisfy his lascivious desires. In the wake of her father’s sudden passing, Rosemary sinks into a deep depression and finds herself caught up in a surreal erotic nightmare world of sex and death.Read More »

  • John Hayes – The Farmer’s Other Daughter (1965)

    1961-1970ComedyJohn HayesUSA

    IMDB wrote:
    Farmer Brown wants to sell his daughter, June, to the dastardly Cyrus P. Barksnapper in order to save his farm. But, Jim Huckleberry would like to to do some plowing with June himself. To help, he applies for financial aid, but the government screws up thinking he requested foreign aid.Read More »

  • John Hayes – Hot Lunch (1978) (HD)

    1971-1980DramaEroticaJohn HayesUSA


    Andrew’s life has hit rock bottom. After being fired from his job and discovering that his girlfriend is having an affair, he hits the streets looking for work only to discover a non-stop series of sexual delights waiting for him at every turn.

    When a country boy arrives in the Big City with nothing but starry eyes and dreams of making a success of himself, he finds that his best asset might just be the one between his legs.
    Jon Martin stars as the naive young man, a guy whose sexual prowess ends up getting him anything he wants out of life. His job search initially lands him in the back of a restaurant, washing dishes even as the saucy siren who runs the joint is dabbling in lesbian hi jinx right there behind the counter!
    Jon leaves that job soon enough, this time to try his luck at selling encyclopedias. Well, he doesn’t move many volumes, but he does end up in the clinch with a buxom beauty who prefers him to his reference books.
    In the end, Jon finds himself working as an account executive for a publishing company — another job that he got thanks to some tireless trysting with just the right woman.Read More »

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