John Nelson

  • John Nelson – Through Navajo Eyes: Navajo Silversmith (1966)

    1961-1970DocumentaryEthnographic CinemaJohn NelsonUSA

    Navajo Silversmith
    This film is structured in almost the same fashion as the weaving film. The film starts with a series of shots showing the Navajo silversmith completing the filing on some little Yeibechai figures which have already been cast and are on his work bench. We then cut away from this (as in A Navajo Weaver) to what is apparently the beginning of the story. We see the silversmith walking and wandering across the Navajo landscape and finally arriving at what appears to be a silver mine.Read More »

  • John Nelson – Through Navajo Eyes: Shallow Well Project (1966)

    1961-1970DocumentaryEthnographic CinemaJohn NelsonUSA

    Shallow Well Project
    This is a film that Johnny undertook to make after he was reprimanded by the community for making the photographs of horses which are described in the text. It was at that time that he was asked to supervise the construction of a shallow well.

    Johnny previously had experience as a foreman helping to construct these wells in the community. He told the relative who suggested that he undertake the supervision of this construction that he couldn’t do it because he was learning to make movies. But then he realized that perhaps he could make a film about it and thus regain some of his status.Read More »

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