John T. Davis

  • John T. Davis – Hobo (1991)

    Documentary1981-1990CultJohn T. DavisUnited Kingdom


    A hobo works and wanders, a tramp dreams and wanders, and a bum drinks and wanders.

    Irish director John T Davis stashes a camera in his bedroll, catches out, and rides the rails from Minneapolis to Seattle with Beargrease, a part-time hobo and full time philosopher, who narrates their way through the incredible scenery of the Northwest and gives us his views on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The pair meet up several other men living life on the margins: in particular a scene in which Duffy – an ex-corporate executive now living under a bridge in Spokane & collecting cans – describes how he got there is riveting.

    Hobo is an American classic. I think is sums up what is wrong at times with the US and what makes the US great all at the same time.Read More »

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