Jonás Trueba

Jonás Trueba – Los ilusos AKA The Wishful Thinkers (2013)

Los ilusos (2013)

The Wishful Thinkers, Jonas Trueba’s virtually home-made follow-up to the altogether less interesting Every Song Talks about Me, is a black and white celebration of open-handed film making as well as of those old chestnuts: art and life. This black and white portrayal of a group of young Spaniards who share an innocent, unconditional love of film has become something of a cult item amongst film literati in Spain with an inevitably lengthy run of festival screenings likely to extend its appeal to those in the know. Read More »

Jonás Trueba – La virgen de agosto AKA The August Virgin (2019)

Eva is not satisfied with her life. In an act of faith, she decides to stay in Madrid over the summer, when all the other locals leave. August offers her a chance to start from scratch. Read More »

Jonás Trueba – Los exiliados románticos AKA The Romantic Exiles (2015)


Vito, Luis and Francesco are three Spanish friends around thirty who travel by van to Paris for no apparent reason, just looking for a reunion with their respective ancient, idyllic and yet ephemeral love affairs, perhaps with the only mission of surprising themselves and continue to still feel alive. Read More »