Jonathan Sanger

  • Jonathan Sanger – Code Name: Emerald (1985)

    Jonathan Sanger1981-1990ActionUSAWar
    Code Name Emerald (1985)
    Code Name Emerald (1985)

    Plot Synopsis from
    In this slow-paced thriller set just before D-Day in Paris, Gus Lang (Ed Harris) is an American agent who has to make sure a captured U.S. officer is not forced to divulge the secret of the Normandy invasion. Since audiences know the invasion worked, the success of Gus Lang’s espionage forays into Nazi officialdom, and the French resistance appears to be a foregone conclusion. At least Paris provides an excellent backdrop for his undercover work, both with the attractive Claire Jouvet (Cyrielle Claire) and the less-attractive Nazi militaryRead More »

  • Jonathan Sanger – Obsessed (1992)

    Drama1991-2000Jonathan SangerThrillerUSA

    A young woman (Doherty) who grew feeling neglected by her father, has a fascination for older men. When she meets a man (Devane) that her company is doing business with, she is taken with. And before you know they are having an affair. But when he tries to break it, she doesn’t take it very well.Read More »

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