José Bénazéraf

  • José Bénazéraf – Anthologie des scènes interdites (1975)

    1971-1980EroticaExploitationFranceJosé Bénazéraf

    A compilation of censored pornographic and subversive scenes from the films of José Bénazéraf.Read More »

  • José Bénazéraf – Nuit la plus longue AKA Sexus (1965)

    1961-1970ArthouseEroticaFranceJosé Bénazéraf

    As we all often learn in life, it’s the little, simple things that can have a big impact. Bénazéraf doesn’t go for complexity here, and his plot is pretty simple for the most part. Yet Sexus does leave it’s mark on the mind, and sometimes a director can communicate things without even realising it. With it’s odd framing device, throbbing score and luminous imagery, Bénazéraf lets us in on his obsessions, and if you are in the right frame of mind, you can dive right in with him into the whirlpool. I look forward to covering more of his films in these pages. Though not quite in the realm of some of the more obvious Sinema covered here, the blood pumping under the filmic flesh would appear to be the same. It’s a hip, jazzy feast for the senses, if you can track it down.Read More »

  • José Bénazéraf – Le Port aux Putes (1984)

    1981-1990ComedyEroticaFranceJosé Bénazéraf

    Three French prostitutes, finding the harbor docks too chilly for their scanty outfits, recess to a nearby arcade. One of them (Michelle Villers) manages to attract the attention of a male there (John Oury), and the two head off to the French equivalent of a Japanese ‘love hotel’. The other two hookers (Laura May & Marianne Aubert) catch the eye of Gabriel Pontello while playing foosball. He leaves his pinball machine to instruct them on playing tips. Marianne is plucked from the scene by a male (Richard Lemieuvre) who just won some money playing horseshoes. Off they go to the same hotel but the only room available for them is the same room which is occupied by the first couple. They have finished and are dressing, but it is still a dilemma when the hotel clerk opens the door for Richard and Marianne.Read More »

  • José Bénazéraf – Le Concerto de la peur AKA Night of lust [Uncut] (1963)

    1961-1970EroticaFranceJosé BénazérafThriller

    Kidnappings, murders and gang war for the control of a drug traffic…

    There’s really a unique touch in those early Bénazéraf movies. You’re a bit somewhere between thriller, exploitation and Nouvelle Vague…Read More »

  • José Bénazéraf – Joë Caligula – Du suif chez les dabes (1966)

    1961-1970EroticaFilm NoirFranceJosé Bénazéraf

    A group of aspiring young thugs from Marseilles move in on established gangsters. They spend the time torturing, killing and intimidating the gangsters until they either pay up or die. One punk with a sexual attraction for his sister is turned in by the girl after a degrading sex scene. The newcomers shake down bars and bistros in their efforts to become part of the violent and brutal criminal underworld. ~ Dan Pavlides, All Movie GuideRead More »

  • José Bénazéraf – La Bonne auberge (1977)

    1971-1980EroticaExploitationFranceJosé Bénazéraf

    “If an established film director such as Monsieur Benazeraf tries his hands at pornography, one should expect a superior example of the genre. Sadly, this picture does not live up to this expectation. Apparently shot in two versions, the porn version is a complete mess, with dreadful continuity errors: quite clearly, someone did not give a toss. The cast of unknowns fails to capture the screen, especially the dull-as-dishwater males.”Read More »

  • José Bénazéraf – Bordel SS AKA SS Bordello (1978)

    1971-1980EroticaExploitationFranceJosé Bénazéraf

    Nazisploitation porn film (an interesting combo) about a Paris bordello where willing women pleasure high-ranking members of the SS for cash. High productions values make this a classier affair than it has any right to be. Sets and costumes are impressive and definitely add to the enjoyment of the film. There are even a few period vehicles on display. The hardcore scenes are in limited supply and of varying quality. The first FFM sex scene is the highlight of the bunch. Some lesbian scenes try to spice up the second half of the film but the action is strictly softcore and bland. Thankfully, the lovely Brigitte Lahaie is on hand to add significant eye candy throughout (here still a brunette, a few years before her trademark blonde look). Exploitive elements are kept to a minimum but include some sexual bondage and a scene where one of the prostitutes thoroughly washes her vagina after sex with a commander. There’s also a gunshot suicide and a scene where one of the women is accused of spying on the Nazis and is tortured with live wires after being stripped and bound. Definitely not a film for everyone, but those familiar with daring 70’s porn films should know what to expect.Read More »

  • José Bénazéraf – Le bordel, 1ère époque; 1900 (1974)

    José Bénazéraf1971-1980EroticaFrance

    Various stories intertwine within the walls of a popular Parisian brothel on the eve of the First World War.Read More »

  • José Bénazéraf – Adolescence Pervertie (1974)

    1971-1980DramaEroticaFranceJosé Bénazéraf

    Having seen virtually all of Jose Benazeraf’s mainly excellent softcore 1960s movies and a good selection (over a dozen) of his later XXX offerings I was unprepared for this off-the-wall 1974 transitional film. This is one case where the dreaded “auteur’s explanation” that accompanies so many wretched DVDs would be helpful.
    I will offer my own pet theory, certainly wrong but convincing enough for me. I contend that Jose found the chance to travel to Italy and film an Italian co-production to be an irresistible opportunity to lampoon the then-current trend of Italian cinema to make sexy left-wing film tracts. Not like the Godard tracts of the ’60s, but many wonderful and hokey movies that I love, like Ugo Tognazzi fighting the class struggle against Romy Schneider in LA CALIFFA or any of the Bellocchio efforts of the time.Read More »

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