José Bolaños

  • José Bolaños – Pedro Páramo (1976)

    José Bolaños1971-1980DramaFantasyMexico

    Pedro Páramo, owner of the hacienda La Media Luna in the town of Comala and of the largest area of land, has the habit of taking any woman from the region ; nevertheless, he has not been able to get the love of Susana San Juan, a woman whom he has always loved and with whom he ends up marrying when she is widowed. Susana lives obsessed by the memory of her dead husband and begins to lose her mind. With this madness, Comala begins to die too. Thus, the characters search for their whole lives and only meet after death.

    The script was created by Juan Rulfo himself and director Jose BolañosRead More »

  • José Bolaños – La soldadera AKA The Female Soldier (1966)

    1961-1970DramaJosé BolañosMexico

    “La soldadera” (the female soldier) focuses upon Lázara, a simple country girl who is caught up in the Mexican Revolution. At the beginning of the film, she is a newlywed whose husband, Juan, is forced to join the federal army during the revolution. Lázara chooses to follow Juan, but unfortunately he is soon killed in battle. One of the Villista soldiers (supporters of Pancho Villa), Nicolás, takes Lázara to be his woman and so she becomes part of their band. Lázara has to walk alongside Nicolás’ horse whilst carrying his rifle and gun belt as they travel. One of the older “soldaderas” puts the gun belt on Lázara and shows her how to shoot. Although Lázara does not fight, she is present during moments of conflict and is involved in the looting of a town. But Lázara wishes for nothing more than a home.Read More »

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