José Luis Borau

José Luis Borau – La Sabina (1979)


A Brit named Michael, comes to Andalusia in the footsteps of an English writer disappeared in that area in the nineteenth century. The mystery, the charm of the place and the fierce beauty of local women catch him completely. Cultural and emotional shock have as a background to the legend of La Sabina, a mythical being who lives in caves and devours men after having sex with them.
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José Luis Borau – Furtivos aka Poachers (1975)


Furtivos (Poachers) is a 1975 Spanish film directed by José Luis Borau. It stars Lola Gaos, Ovidi Montllor and Alicia Sánchez. The script was written by Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón and José Luis Borau. The film is a stark drama that portraits an oedipal relationship and its dire consequences. A great critical and commercial success, it won best picture at the San Sebastián International Film Festival in 1975. Furtivos is considered a classic of Spanish cinema.
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