José Luis Borau

  • José Luis Borau – La Sabina (1979)

    José Luis Borau1971-1980DramaSpain
    La Sabina (1979)
    La Sabina (1979)

    English scholar visits a small Spanish town in the Andalusian mountains to investigate the disappearance of another English scholar long ago. He learns of the legend of Sabina, a mysterious dragon woman who becomes his obsession.Read More »

  • José Luis Borau – Furtivos aka Poachers (1975)

    José Luis Borau1971-1980DramaSpainSpanish cinema under Franco

    In 1975 Borau made the film for which he is best remembered Furtivos (Poachers) (1975). The plot, set in the woodlands of Segovia, is a stark story of violence incest and matricide. Co-scripted with Gutierrez Aragon, Borau took the role of the regional governor in the film. He fought the Francoist censorship to have his film released the way he intended. Furtivos was a great commercial and critical success, it won best film, Golden Shell, at the San Sebastián International Film Festival becoming one of the key film of the political transition in Spain.Read More »

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