José Pedro Lopes

  • José Pedro Lopes – A Floresta das Almas Perdidas AKA The Forest of Lost Souls (2017)

    2011-2020ArthouseHorrorJosé Pedro LopesPortugal


    A man walks through the Forest of Lost Souls, a place where many go to end their lives. Ricardo is a depressed family father looking for the place where his daughter killed herself. Carolina is a gloomy young woman with a macabre fascination for death, and a clear plan for why she’s in the forest. For a short while the two meet and try to affect each other’s decision, but only one of them is telling the truth. What happens in the forest goes against genre conventions and is a complete surprise.

    José Pedro Lopes debut feature swept the festival circuit by storm and has been hailed as one of the year’s best films. It’s a film that challenges its audience, and delivers darkness with a poetic aesthetic. What starts as an existential observation evolves into an innovative slasher-film only to return to its starting point and tie it all together in a way that will overwhelm its audience.Read More »

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