José Rodriguez-Soltero

  • José Rodriguez-Soltero – Jerovi (1965)

    Jerovi is a sexual probe of the Narcissus myth. His beautiful male subject, clothed at first in rich brocade, but later nude, is photographed lingeringly in a lush garden. If sensual self-love in practice doesn’t offend you, you’ll find some vivid camera imagery.Read More »

  • José Rodriguez-Soltero – Dialogue with Che (1968)

    After Che Guevara’s execution, Experimental filmmaker José Rodríguez Soltero, parodies Hollywood portrayals of the revolutionary hero.

    In 1967, José Rodriguez Soltero made “Dialogue with Che” (1968), starring Venezuelan artist, actor, producer and dancer Rolando Peña as Che. Warhol superstar Taylor Mead is also featured, in the role of a CIA agent. “The film was partly underwritten by Andy Warhol, who gave a check to cover lab fees. “Dialogue…” was seldom shown in the States – it is entirely in Spanish – but had some life in the European screens.Read More »

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