Josef Fares

  • Josef Fares – Kopps AKA Cops (2003)

    2001-2010ActionComedyJosef FaresSweden

    The film concerns the police force of a small fictional Swedish village, Högboträsk. The village is so peaceful that crime has become nonexistent. The police spend their shifts drinking coffee, eating hot dogs and chasing down runaway cows. This is all well and good for the village’s own police, but then comes the news: The police management board has decided that as there is no crime, there is no need for a Police Station i.e. the local police or… “The Kopps”. This would mean the loss of income for the policemen and this gets those police folks a bit fired up; – something needs to be done; something so drastic. So they begin to stage crimes in order to preserve their jobs. This includes burning down the local hotdog stand, hiring a drunk to steal a packet of sausages, thrashing a local car, faking a shootout and staging a kidnapping using their friends as actors. But somehow their plans don’t quite go the way they’ve planned. A gentle and funny comedy from the maker of Jalla Jalla starring 4 Kopps, a bit of love interest and a diminutive police dog.Read More »

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