Joseph L. Mankiewicz

  • Joseph L. Mankiewicz – The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)

    Joseph L. Mankiewicz1941-1950ClassicsFilm BlancRomanceUSA
    The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)
    The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)

    ‘In 1900, strong-willed widow Lucy Muir goes to live in Gull Cottage by the British seaside, even though it appears to be haunted. Sure enough, that very night she meets the ghost of crusty former owner Captain Gregg…and refuses to be scared off. Indeed, they become friends and allies, after Lucy gets used to the idea of a man’s ghost haunting her bedroom. But when a charming live man comes courting, Lucy and the captain must deal with their feelings for each other.’
    – Rod Crawford (IMDb)Read More »

  • Joseph L. Mankiewicz – All About Eve (1950)

    Joseph L. Mankiewicz1941-1950DramaQueer Cinema(s)USA
    All About Eve (1950)
    All About Eve (1950)

    “All About Eve” is a literate, adult film of the calibre that will do big league, big town business. In addition it has all the elements for the general runs.

    The whyfore of the producer’s insistence for “scheduled performances” becomes obvious as the story unfolds from its banquet scene that honors a new Broadway legit great and the flashbacks which deal with the brittle, hard-bitten and frequently bitter saga that tells us “All About Eve.”

    Anne Baxter, in the title role, is the radiant newcomer who has attained the thespic heights. And as she mounts the podium to receive the supreme accolade, the intimates who figured in her breathless success story project their own vignettes on what made this hammy glammy run.Read More »

  • Joseph L. Mankiewicz – 5 Fingers (1952)

    Joseph L. Mankiewicz1951-1960ThrillerUSA

    During WWII the valet to the British Ambassador to Ankara sells British secrets to the Germans while trying to romance a refugee Polish countess.Read More »

  • Joseph L. Mankiewicz – Julius Caesar (1953)

    Joseph L. Mankiewicz1951-1960ClassicsPoliticsUSAWilliam Shakespeare

    Brutus is convinced by a scheming band of Roman senators, led by Caius Cassius, that his dear friend Julius Caesar intends to dissolve the republic and install himself as monarch, and he joins a conspiracy to assassinate him. Brutus stirringly defends his actions, but when Mark Antony responds with a speech that plays upon the crowd’s love for their fallen leader, a battle between the two factions is assured.Read More »

  • Joseph L. Mankiewicz – A Letter to Three Wives (1949)

    Joseph L. Mankiewicz1941-1950DramaRomanceUSA

    A letter is addressed to three wives from their “best friend” Addie Ross, announcing that she is running away with one of their husbands–but she doesn’t say which one.Read More »

  • Joseph L. Mankiewicz – Sleuth (1972)

    1971-1980DramaJoseph L. MankiewiczThrillerUSA

    Synopsis :
    A man who loves games and theater invites his wife’s lover to meet him, setting up a battle of wits with potentially deadly results.Read More »

  • Joseph L. Mankiewicz – The Quiet American (1958)

    1951-1960DramaJoseph L. MankiewiczThrillerUSA

    In this adaptation of Graham Greene’s prophetic novel about U.S. foreign policy failure in pre-war Indochina, Audie Murphy plays an innocent Young American opposite the older, cynical Brit Michael Redgrave. They play out their widely different views on the prospects stuggle for the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people in their competition over a young woman. Murphy wants to reform her and make her a typical middle class American housewife; Redgrave accepts her inability to formulate or retain a political ideal and while promising her no real future, he objects to Murphy’s attempts to change her. It’s not clear whether Murphy is just what he appears – a bungling Yankee do-gooder – or a deliberate agent of U.S. covert operations, but he ends up an expendable pawn in the end. Read More »

  • Sidney Lumet & Joseph L. Mankiewicz – King: A Filmed Record… Montgomery to Memphis (1970)

    1961-1970DocumentaryJoseph L. MankiewiczSidney LumetUSA

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    King: A Filmed Record… Montgomery to Memphis

    King: A Filmed Record… Montgomery To Memphis is a 1970 American documentary film biography of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., presented in the form of newsreel footage and segments of recordings by Dr. King, framed by celebrity narrators, including Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Ruby Dee, James Earl Jones, Clarence Williams III, Burt Lancaster, Ben Gazzara, Charlton Heston, Harry Belafonte, The movie was produced by Richard Kaplan and Ely Landau.Read More »

  • Joseph L. Mankiewicz – Cleopatra (1963)

    1961-1970ClassicsEpicJoseph L. MankiewiczUnited Kingdom

    In 48 B.C., Caesar pursues Pompey from Pharsalia to Egypt. Ptolemy, now supreme ruler after deposing his older sister, Cleopatra, attempts to gain favor with Caesar by presenting the conquerer with the head of Pompey, borne by his governors, Pothinos and Achillas. To win Caesar’s support from her brother, Cleopatra hides herself in a rug, which Apollodorus, her servant, presents to Caesar. The Roman is immediately infatuated; banishing Ptolemy, he declares Cleopatra Egypt’s sole ruler and takes her as his mistress. A son, Caesarion, is born of their union. Caesar, however, must return to Italy. Although he is briefly reunited with Cleopatra during a magnificent reception for the queen in Rome, Caesar is assassinated shortly thereafter, and Cleopatra returns to Egypt.Read More »

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