Joseph Strick

Joseph Strick – Road Movie (1974)


“This cult favorite from one of cinema’s richest eras, directed by Academy Award-winning director Joseph Strick, stars Barry Bostwick (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) and Robert Drivas (Cool Hand Luke) delivering bravura performances as a pair of brutish truck drivers who pick up a prostitute on a trip across America. Regina Baff (The Paper Chase) tears at the heart as the beaten and furious hooker who exchanges her body for a ride to New York, only to be further abused. Rejected and scorned, she becomes determined to seek revenge.” – DVD packaging copy Read More »

Joseph Strick – Tropic of Cancer (1970)


In 1960s Paris, an expatriate American novelist (Rip Torn) still struggling to find his voice lives life to the fullest without much regard for his wife (Ellen Burstyn) as he embarks on a succession of sexual encounters with beautiful women. Adapted from Henry Miller’s controversial 1934 novel — which was banned in the United States for nearly 30 years — this passionate drama also stars James Callahan. Read More »