Joseph W. Sarno

  • Joseph W. Sarno – Young Playthings (1972)

    Joseph W. Sarno1971-1980EroticaSweden

    Gunilla and her friend Nora move in together.They are planning a threesome with Nora’s boyfriend. Downstairs lives Britt.She is renovating antique toys.Read More »

  • Joseph W. Sarno – The Layout (1969)

    Joseph W. Sarno1961-1970EroticaExploitationUSA

    Pam is a well-known interior designer and she works with her live-in platonic partner Wendy. While Pam takes to her bed alone each night, Wendy goes out and “handles the affairs” with their building contractor, Robb. She loves the dirty, dangerous things he does to her. When college-age cousin Ellen and her Honduran playmate arrive for a visit, they sense something unsettled in The Layout of the household. The young girl remembers inappropriate intimacy with Pam and is aroused by the notion that an electric bedside “buddy” is her relative’s new carnal companion. One night she overhears Pam getting it on with the spouse of Wendy’s paramour and the “vibrations” are so vehement they get Ellen all hot and very bothered. Read More »

  • Joseph W. Sarno – Odd Triangle (1968)

    Joseph W. Sarno1961-1970EroticaExploitationUSA

    A bored Florida housewife (whose husband suggests she find an interesting hobby to fill her time) longs for the sexual voraciousness of her best friend and her maid; both are married, yet have boyfriends on the side. Once she walks in on her friend having an affair, she confesses that she, too, wants an extramarital relationship–but without the fear of getting caught. To this end, the two friends rent a houseboat where they can carry on in private. They meet a young woman, who fishes off the dock, and the three together form an “odd triangle” in pursuit of pleasure.Read More »

  • Joseph W. Sarno – Någon att älska AKA The Seduction of Inga (1971)

    Joseph W. Sarno1971-1980DramaEroticaSweden

    971 Swedish erotica from Sarno starring the lovely Marie Liljedahl. Sequel to Inga (1968).

    This is the Grindhouse cut.

    After her boyfriend leaves her alone and penniless, Inga can only long for the love of another man devoted to satisfying her body and soul. Rolf, a young pop singer and musician, tries his best to seduce her, but she ultimately falls for Stig – a dashing older man and writer. Stig owns a beautiful villa, and Inga gladly becomes his personal secretary – and lover. When business takes Stig away, Inga’s loneliness and unfulfilled sensual desires lead her straight into the arms and bed of Rolf. Inga’s life is further complicated by the arrival of the young and beautiful Greta Tillstrom (Inger Sundh) who admits to an on-going affair with Stig and professes a blossoming attraction for Inga herself. As passions surge and forbidden lust is embraced, Inga will be forced to confront a shocking secret and reconcile an aching heart with a tireless young body that can’t say no.Read More »

  • Jennifer Welles & Joseph W. Sarno – Inside Jennifer Welles (1977)

    1971-1980EroticaJennifer WellesJoseph W. SarnoUSA

    Dries Vermeulen:
    Blonde,busty Jennifer Welles is one of the all time great porn superstars and not just because of her obvious physical qualities. In addition to those,she possessed striking screen presence and – as Armand Weston’s EXPOSE ME, LOVELY clearly attests – honest to goodness acting ability. This lavishly produced semi-documentary, but one (though perhaps the best) in a long-running series, is a present to her fans who should be legion. The wonderful Ms. Welles appears in every single sex scene and what sex scenes they are. Whew! Of special note is her smoldering Sapphic slurp with lanky cross-dresser Marlene Willoughby, which was allegedly Jennifer’s first foray into same sex territory. Horse-hung Peter Andrews turns up for the boy next door/banana pie scene, double-teaming our hot heroine with swarthy stud muffin Pepe. The number of partners seems to multiply with each successive sexual encounter. Rumour has it that the four Oriental guys she finishes her climactic orgy scene with were not professional porno people but just happened to be catering on the set!Read More »

  • Joseph W. Sarno – Vild på sex AKA Girl Meets Girl (1974)

    1971-1980EroticaGermanyJoseph W. SarnoRomance

    Bibi comes to her aunt Toni’s boarding house where she is seduced by lesbian women. Soon, no one is safe from her insatiable hunger.Read More »

  • Joseph W. Sarno – Dirty Blonde (1984)

    1981-1990EroticaJoseph W. SarnoMysteryUSA

    When a ladies’ man disappears, a string of beautiful women go looking for him, including his ex-wife, his new fiancée and a sexy private eye.Read More »

  • Joseph W. Sarno – Sleepy Head (1973)

    1971-1980EroticaJoseph W. SarnoUSA

    A frustrated sexually repressed woman lives with her even more repressed sister. When the woman’s domineering lesbian ex-lover shows up, she tries to resist her, but the lover will sex up sisters’ lives whether they like it or not.Read More »

  • Joseph W. Sarno – Red Roses of Passion (1966)

    1961-1970EroticaFantasyJoseph W. SarnoUSA

    A man-hungry suburban woman feels frustrated since she lives in the home of her prudish aunt and cousin, who interrupt and criticise her amorous liaisons. A co-worker brings her to a tarot-card reader, who introduces her to a club of women who meet occasionally to share an intoxicating brew, tease each other erotically with long-stemmed roses and honour the heathen god Pan. The occultist manages to corrupt the aunt and cousin, and lure the woman into full-fledged membership so she might participate in its climactic ritual.Read More »

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