Juan José Campanella

  • Juan José Campanella – The Boy Who Cried Bitch (1991)

    1991-2000ExploitationJuan José CampanellaThrillerUSA

    This disturbing tale is as intensely dark and twisted as the relationship between the psychotic boy and the neglectful, mentally unstable mother it chronicles. The story opens as 12-year-old Danny Love holds a gun to his mother Candice’s head. The events that led him there provide the bulk of the film. Molested by a Vietnam Vet and ignored by his mother, the boy seems to have a boundless well-spring of hatred. Following the child abuse, he becomes increasingly strange and evil, forcing Candice to send him to a mental hospital. There things only get worse as he causes even more trouble for his fellow inmates, the staff and himself.Read More »

  • Juan José Campanella – Luna de Avellaneda AKA Moon of Avellaneda (2004)

    2001-2010ArgentinaDramaJuan José Campanella

    Long ago, a quirk of fate installed Roman Maldonado (Ricardo Darín) as a lifetime member of a Buenos Aires sports club. Now he’s understandably upset to learn that local business owners want to reinvent the club for new customers. As his marriage to Veronica (Silvia Kutika) deteriorates, Roman teams with pals Graciela (Mercedes Morán) and Amadeo (Eduardo Blanco) in an effort to save the club. Despite his lack of experience, Roman proves a wily preservationist in this touching ode to community.Read More »

  • Juan José Campanella – El mismo amor, la misma lluvia AKA Same Love, Same Rain (1999)

    1991-2000ArgentinaDramaJuan José CampanellaRomance

    In 1980, Jorge Pellegrini (Ricardo Darín), a young and talented Argentinian writer, upon returning from a trip to Europe, is forced to write short love stories for “Cosas”, a local, light-themed magazine, to aid his dire financial situation. His boss and best friend, Roberto (Eduardo Blando), constantly censors Jorge’s stories, by deciding which parts to take out or which stories not to print. Jorge’s friend and mentor, Mastronardi, often visits the magazine HQ asking Roberto for work, but due to his history of struggling against the military government in Argentina, finds himself in a black list and cannot find work.Read More »

  • Juan José Campanella – El secreto de sus ojos aka Secret in Their Eyes (2009)

    2001-2010ArgentinaCrimeDramaJuan José Campanella

    El secreto de sus ojos (English: The Secret In Their Eyes) is a 2009 Argentine dramatic crime film, directed by Juan José Campanella, co-produced by Argentina and Spain, and based on Eduardo Sacheri’s novel La pregunta de sus ojos (The Question In Their Eyes). The film stars Ricardo Darín, Soledad Villamil, Javier Godino, Guillermo Francella and Pablo Rago. It won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film at the 82nd Academy Awards, just two weeks after being awarded the Goya Award for Best Spanish Language Foreign Film of 2009 (the Goya Awards are the Spanish equivalent to the American Academy Awards). As of 2010 it has become the second most succesful film in Argentina’s history, only surpassed by Leonardo Favio’s 1975 classic Nazareno Cruz y el lobo (Nazareno Cruz and the Wolf). (Wikipedia)Read More »

  • Juan José Campanella – El Hijo de la novia aka Son of the Bride [+Extras] (2001)

    2001-2010ArgentinaComedyDramaJuan José Campanella


    A great feel-good type of film. Campanella lives up to promise and delivers yet again, as he dives head first into the story of a forty-something going through a mid-life crisis. Ricardo Darin (Rafael Belvedere) shows us why he’s one of South America’s biggest stars as he puts in a performance to rival “Nine Queens” (another great Argentinian film). He’s complemented by Natalia Verbeke who plays his girlfriend (and who is in possession of the world’s greatest smile) and Héctor Alterio and Norma Aleandro who play his parents. Aleandro in particular contributes some magnificent scenes, playing an aged woman struggling to cope with mental illness. A really good film that will restore your faith in humanity….A bit corny?? oh well…. Funny, original, and well put together. Recommended for everyone!!Read More »

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