Julie Lopes-Curval

  • Julie Lopes-Curval – Mères et filles AKA Hidden Diary (2009)

    2001-2010DramaFranceJulie Lopes-Curval

    In the 1950s, housewife Louise walked out on her family whilst her children were still young. She gave no indication of where she was going and hasn’t been heard of since. Her daughter, Martine, stayed in the small coastal town where she grew up and became a doctor. Today, Martine’s daughter Audrey is an independent 30-year-old. On the spur of the moment, Audrey decides to visit her parents. During her stay, she comes across an old note book that belonged to her grandmother and which could explain the reason for the latter’s mysterious disappearance…Read More »

  • Julie Lopes-Curval – Bord de mer AKA Seaside (2002)

    Drama2001-2010ArthouseFranceJulie Lopes-Curval


    Seaside takes place in a small coastal town on the Bay of Somme. The year-round inhabitants find ways to make their lives work; Paul, a lifeguard in the summer, works at the grocery all winter. His mother, Rose (Ogier) likes to play the slots just about anytime; his girlfriend Marie works in the local factory – the town’s biggest business – but watching the summertime vacationers each year just makes her increasingly curious about what else might be out there. From these and several other stories, aided by close, revealing observations, we see a community perched between transition and stasis. (IMDb)

    Cannes Film Festival – Golden Camera – 2002Read More »

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