Juliet Bashore

  • Juliet Bashore – Kamikaze Hearts (1986)

    1981-1990DocumentaryJuliet BashoreQueer Cinema(s)USA

    Alternately distressing, instructive, contestable, and fascinating, Juliet Bashore’s 1986 documentary about a lesbian couple working in the porn industry—a cynical older woman (Sharon “Mitch” Mitchell), who is a seasoned porn star, and her lover (known as Tigr), who is an uneasy newcomer to this world, where drugs play a significant role—offers a disturbing glimpse of the modification of bodies, feelings, and lives.Read More »

  • Juliet Bashore – Kamikaze Hearts (1986)

    1981-1990CampDocumentaryJuliet BashoreQueer Cinema(s)USA

    Synopsis: Kamikaze Hearts provocatively depicts a relationship between two lesbian drug addicts. By blending cinema verite and docu-drama, Juliet Bashore’s one-of-a-kind entry mines the raw material in this love story about porn star Sharon Mitchell and her sometime producer Tina “Tigr” Mennett. What unfolds is an uncommon peek at the underground “adult film industry.” Moreover, viewers see two unusual women
    who buck the traditional ways of a male-dominated society through wholly unconventional, if self-destructive, means.Read More »

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