Júlio Bressane

Júlio Bressane – Capitu e o Capítulo AKA Capitu and the Chapter (2021)

“If you had to choose between me and your mother, who would it be?” Capitu asks provocatively of her problematic lover. Elsewhere, they dance to inaudible music, with their friends, each couple keeping to a rhythm of their own. At times, this depiction of the memories we see one Dom Casmurro commit to paper with a flamboyant pen seems to be an interplay of conflicting emotions – particularly when jealousy raises its head. Read More »

Júlio Bressane – O Anjo Nasceu (1969)

Julio Bressane wrote:
“When I made O Anjo Nasceu I thought I had made my most difficult film, a completely irresponsible film, that space, that vacuum, that nothing. It was a devastating experience for me, a shock. Much, much more than Matou a Família e Foi ao Cinema, which was a well-received film. I think O Anjo Nasceu is still unknown territory, even for me” Read More »

Júlio Bressane – A Família do Barulho (1970)

Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, [email protected] wrote:
A dysfunctional family, composed of a prostitute and two gays, one strong and the other fragile and stupid, lives a routine life in Rio de Janeiro. When the slut threatens the other two to stop supporting them, they decide to find an odalisque as an alternative to keep their easy life. Read More »

Júlio Bressane – Cara a Cara (1967)

A man, sort of penpusher living in the darkness of books or in a ruined house with his dying mother, watches out for of a radiant, rich young girl. Her father meanwhile seems to organize some political trick with accomplices. Read More »

Júlio Bressane – Filme de Amor (2003)

The pleasure, where it does not end

Love is also time suspended by the word, the language – Portuguese in this case – which invites itself into the body, which hypnotizes them and returns them to a happy flesh. All of Bressane’s staging can be found there, all of this surprising and obvious invention, that is to say alive. In its rhythm, in its editing, in its ruptures, its winks and even its obscurities which we know all come out of the same passion …
A triangle – three beings – suspended in desire, a desire that hangs on all their gestures. Read More »

Júlio Bressane & Eduardo Escorel – Bethânia Bem de Perto – A Propósito de um Show (1966)

Documentary about Brazilian pop diva Maria Bethânia, in one of her first shows in Rio de Janeiro. The film also show scenes of her daily life and meetings with other musicians. Read More »

Júlio Bressane – Sedução da Carne (2018)

A delicate and tenacious writer, widowed three years ago, engages in frequent conversations with a parrot. However, she’s always observed by a large portion of raw meat. Read More »