Kaljo Kiisk

  • Kaljo Kiisk – Nipernaadi AKA Happy-Go-Lucky (1983)

    1981-1990ClassicsComedyEstoniaKaljo Kiisk

    “Nipernaadi – The Adventurer” by Kaljo Kiisk (1983)

    “I walk along gray endless road… I walk and walk”

    Review by Taavi Lehari

    “Nipernaadi / The Adventurer”, by Kaljo Kiisk (1983) is a sweet Estonian drama with slight humor about Toomas Nipernaadi, a vagabond who hasn’t got any past nor future.

    In different Estonian places he gains new identity and presents himself as whoever – sailor, explorer, farmer etc. … whoever as long as he can seduce another young girl and promise her wealth and happiness. Every time before he has to achieve his promises, he disappears leaving everything behind. This is the first impression of this funny fellow.Read More »

  • Kaljo Kiisk – Hullumeelsus aka Madness (1968)

    1961-1970Kaljo KiiskUSSRWar

    A Gestapo officer arrives in a small asylum. His mission: to find the enemy agent who’s hiding among the insane…Read More »

  • Kaljo Kiisk, Yuli Kun – Vallatud kurvid AKA Venturous Curves (1959)

    Comedy1951-1960CultKaljo KiiskUSSRYuli Kun

    The first Estonian wide-screen feature film directed by Juli Kun and Kaljo Kiisk is a pure situation comedy where twin sisters (both roles played by Terje Luik) are in the middle of passionate adventures during a motorbike competition.

    Vaike, a student and a motorbike racer, arrives at the racetrack where the bikes are already racing at full speed. She gets involved in adventures while getting acquainted with Raivo, successful biker and womanizer, and Heino, another big league biker who offers Vaike his help in preparing for the competition. Vaike finds it hard to face all that alone. Her twin sister Maret will helped her with this complicated situation. Only that this time Maret’s new husband Ants will join the game. He is convinced that he can make the difference between Maret and Vaike.Read More »

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