Kar-Wai Wong

Kar-Wai Wong – Wang Jiao ka men AKA As Tears Go By (1988)

Set on the mean streets of Hong Kong in the late eighties, “As Tears Go By” is the tale of two lowly gangsters, Ah Wah and his side-kick Fly trapped in a endless downward spiral of violence and vengeance. Overview: A low-level triad “big brother” (Andy Lau) has a hot-tempered “little brother” (Jacky Cheung) who can’t keep out of trouble, and consequently is in constant need of being bailed out by his protector. Andy is super cool, but lacks the ambition to rise in the ranks of the triad societies, and once he meets his cousin (Maggie Cheung), and falls in love with her, he decides he wants to leave “the life”. But it turns out that he has to bail out Jacky one more time. And this time, Jacky may have gone too far. Read More »

Kar-Wai Wong – One-Tenth of a Millimeter Apart (2021)

Containing never-before-seen materials, including deleted scenes, behind-the-scene footage and selected narration by Wong Kar Wai, ONE-TENTH OF A MILLIMETER APART chronicles the tales behind featured shots and scenes that narrowly missed out on the final cuts of ASHES OF TIME (1994), CHUNGKING EXPRESS (1994), FALLEN ANGELS (1995), HAPPY TOGETHER (1997), IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (2000), 2046 (2004), MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS (2007) and THE GRANDMASTER (2013). Read More »