Katsu Kanai

  • Katsu Kanai – Ôkoku aka The Kingdom (1973)

    Katsu Kanai1971-1980ArthouseAsianJapan
    Ôkoku (1973)
    Ôkoku (1973)

    KatsuKanai wrote:
    My first film, The Deserted Archipelago, emerged out of the intersections between my own experiences and fantasies and Japan’s postwar history, and, as such, I might call it the “Human Chapter” of my trilogy. In contrast, Good-bye pursues the mystery of my distant DNA. Since it moves from blood to land, I might call it the “Earth Chapter.” Following these two narratives came The Kingdom. Even if we were to deny all gods, there is one god controlling us, one god whom we cannot refuse: the god of time. The Kingdom was my challenge to that god of time as well as the finale, “The Heavenly Chapter,” to my Smiling Milky Way Trilogy.Read More »

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