• Tolomush Okeev – Lyutyy AKA The Ferocious One (1974)

    1971-1980DramaKazakhstanTolomush Okeev

    This visually stunning Kazakh movie tells a tragic tale of absent and misplaced compassion. A young orphan rescues an orphaned wolf cub and lavishes considerable affection on it. His uncle, believing that this “softness” will result in the boy’s being unable to endure the rigors of life on the Kazakh steppes, savagely beats the cub in front of the boy. By the time the grown wolf is released into the wild, it has grown extremely ferocious and it returns and attacks the boy, perhaps because it perceives him as being weak, just as the boy’s uncle did.Read More »

  • Adilkhan Yerzhanov – Laskovoe bezrazlichie mira AKA The Gentle Indifference of the World (2018)

    Adilkhan Yerzhanov2011-2020DramaKazakhstan
    Laskovoe bezrazlichie mira (2018)
    Laskovoe bezrazlichie mira (2018)

    After her father’s untimely death, Saltanat is forced to trade her idyllic countryside life for the cruel city. She has to find money to pay off the large family debt that her father left behind, in order to save her mother from jail. Friends since their village childhood, her loyal, but penniless admirer Kuandyk follows her just to make sure his sweetheart is safe. Saltanat’s uncle introduces her to a possible groom, who promises to pay off her family’s debts. But Saltanat’s hopes are dashed, when she discovers that the men in this city don’t keep their word. When Kuandyk tries to help Saltanat get the money through other ways, he ends up finding himself in more trouble than he bargained for. Although life keeps dealing them bad hands, Saltanat and Kuandyk never give up, no matter what the odds.Read More »

  • Darezhan Omirbayev – Darezhan Omirbayev: Educational Films (2015)

    2011-2020Darezhan OmirbayevDocumentaryKazakhstan

    Educational film by Darezhan Omirbayev for film schools students.

    A series of educational films, “Autographs” is a textbook for students of cinema department, which is dedicated to the works of great authors of word cinema. These films show and explore the most colorful and unique pieces that are typical and repetitive directorial techniques from the film (scenes), which are important in the work of one or another author. Read More »

  • Amir Karakulov – Razluchnitsa AKA A Woman Between Two Brothers (1991)

    Drama1991-2000Amir KarakulovKazakhstanRomance

    The Cinema of Soviet Kazakhstan 1925–1991: An Uneasy Legacy
    Razluchnitsa is, first and foremost, a two-faceted love story: about the love between men and women, and about the love between siblings. The violent removal of the one person who disturbs the peace in the brothers’ home seems to happen with the quiet approval of both Adil and Rustem. This gives the story, which for two-thirds of the film resembles a late 1950s’ French nouvelle vague picture, an unexpected edge. Even the title appears in a paradoxical light: normally, the word “razluchnitsa” refers to a woman who is loved by a married man who then leaves his wife and family to be with her (the English translation is “homewrecker”). Read More »

  • Ardak Amirkulov – Qosh bol, Gülsary! AKA Goodbye, Gulsary! (2008)

    Drama2001-2010Ardak AmirkulovKazakhstan

    Tanabay is a proud Kazakh war hero and loyal Communist who is pressured into taking a position as a herdsman in a collective farm in the Stalinist era after WWII. The pride and joy of the collective is a beautiful stallion named Gulsary. After Gulsary wins a race, the new commissar of the collective lays claim to the beloved and headstrong horse, which leads to a battle of a wills. Tanabay and Gulsary are both punished and separated for their refusal to bend to the rules of the Stalinist era.Read More »

  • Emir Baigazin – Ozen AKA The River (2018)

    2011-2020ArthouseDramaEmir BaigazinKazakhstan

    A portrait of five brothers living on a farm on the Kazakh plains, where the sudden intrusion of the modern world brings corruption, temptation and deceit.Read More »

  • Assel Aushakimova – Welcome to the USA (2019)

    2011-2020Assel AushakimovaDramaKazakhstanQueer Cinema(s)

    Aliya is a 36-year-old Kazakh lesbian woman. Aliya for the first time in her life tried to play the Green Card Lottery and won. Now she cannot decide whether to leave Kazakhstan or stay. On the one hand, Aliya is tired of the stagnation, corruption, dictatorship of the Kazakh society, she wants changes in her life. But on the other hand, she is afraid of uncertainty and to start all over again in a foreign country.Read More »

  • Darezhan Omirbayev – Shuga AKA Chouga (2007)

    2001-2010Darezhan OmirbayevDramaKazakhstan

    This is a loose adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s classic novel “Anna Karenina”. Kazakh auteur Darezhan Omirbayev (July, Kairat, Killer, Cardiogram) here makes an attempt to juxtapose the classic plot and contemporary Kazakhstan reality.Read More »

  • Nariman Turebaev – Antiromantika (2001)

    2001-2010KazakhstanNariman TurebaevShort Film

    Young man aged about twenty picks up a beautiful woman to love her for her money.
    My favourite all time short filmRead More »

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