Ken Hannam

  • Ken Hannam – Sunday Too Far Away (1975)

    1971-1980AustraliaDramaKen Hannam

    A car crash and a few beers is enough to persuade gun shearer Foley (Jack Thompson) to sign up for a week’s work with novice contractor and old mate Tim King (Max Cullen). Once they’re at the station, however, King admits to selling him a pup: it’s not a six-day job, it’s six hard weeks.

    Sharing a room with Old Garth (movingly played by Reg Lye), a pisspot drunk at death’s door, Foley has plenty of opportunity to ponder his future but his competitive nature gets the better of him when he’s drawn into a shearing competition by the taciturn Arthur Black (Peter Cummings).Read More »

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