Ken McMullen

Ken McMullen – 1871 (1990)

“1871” is a visually sumptuous, multi-layered treatment of the Paris Commune which was selected for the “Un Certain Regard” section of the 1990 Cannes festival. Read More »

Ken McMullen – Zina [+Extras] (1985)

Plot Synopsis:
Zina, the daughter of Leon Trotsky by his first wife, is undergoing Freudian analysis in Berlin in the ‘thirties. Meanwhile Trotsky is in exile in Prinkipo having been driven from power by Stalin. Read More »

Ken McMullen – Ghost Dance [+Extras] (1983)

” Cinema plus Psychoanalysis equals the Science of Ghosts” – Jacques Derrida

“At first I thought that ghosts would be forgotten in this new electronic age. But as things turn out, they began to use electronic gadgets for their own purpose. Now they often fly down telephone lines, jump on radio waves, and take you by surprise when you are listening to music. There are many recorded cases of ghosts appearing in electrical shops…”