Kianoush Ayari

  • Kianoush Ayari – Abadani-ha AKA The Abadanis (1993)

    Kianoush Ayari1991-2000DramaIran

    The car of a war refugee who is now living in Tehran is stolen. He with the help of his son begins a desperate search for finding his stolen car. Meanwhile he meets a man who can help him and his son Borna is too after his missing eyeglasses.Read More »

  • Kianoush Ayari – Boodan yaa naboodan AKA To be or Not to be (1998)

    1991-2000DramaIranKianoush Ayari


    Imdb review
    Life is Precious, 21 August 2000
    Author: Martin Kohler ([email protected]) from Pretoria, South Africa
    Having known someone who needed a kidney transplant, I was aware of the tremendous difficulty in finding a tissue matched donor organ. This film, which is about a heart transplant, brings out the desperation of the patient for whom there is no longer any other treatment option very clearly and realistically.

    What I had not considered, and what this film made me aware of, is the extremely difficult position that the relatives of a deceased person are put in when they are requested to give permission for an organ donation. At this point they are already suffering from the shock and grief of having lost someone they loved, and this additional burden can test the limits of what they can bear.Read More »

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