Kichitaro Negishi

  • Kichitaro Negishi – Kurutta kajitsu AKA Crazed Fruit (1981)

    1981-1990DramaEroticaJapanKichitaro Negishi

    Here’s a terrific updating of the 1956 Nikkatsu classic Crazed Fruit; a new version that is superior to the original. While the original was a seminal sun tribe classic, the new version examines the 1980s Japanese youth from a more intimate, less political perspective. Consequently, it’s a remake in name only. The film focuses on the unstable relationship between two youngsters: a guy working in a sex club and a rich girl who trades her stepfather lover for a younger boyfriend just for a change. Neither one of them really understand each other – or themselves. Like many of director Kichitaro Negishi’s other films, this movie would also be more at home in Art Theatre Guild’s catalogue than in the Roman Porno series where it was released (Negishi’s next film, Distant Thunder, was, in fact, an ATG production). Read More »

  • Kichitaro Negishi – Asa wa dameyo aka Never in the Morning! (1980)

    1971-1980AsianEroticaJapanKichitaro Negishi

    Auto translated from Japanese:
    Underwear maker designer Miki enjoys a free-spirited sex life. She doesn’t mind the existence of Tsujimoto, who has a reputation as a playboy. One day Miki confessed in her heart that her junior Noriko had fallen in love with Tsujimoto once in bed. Miki pretending to be calm, but her inner heart is not calm. After that, Miki attacks Tsujimoto several times, but he isn’t full, but the timing isn’t right. One night, as Miki was drinking outside, a man visited her roommate Yoko. Read More »

  • Kichitaro Negishi – Enrai AKA Distant Thunder (1981)

    1981-1990ArthouseDramaJapanKichitaro Negishi


    AMG wrote:
    Mitsuo Wada (Toshiyuki Nagashima) works at raising tomatoes in a greenhouse, next to a big public housing complex. Because his father has moved out to go live with his girlfriend, Mitsuo lives alone with his mother and grandmother, a situation that does not particularly curb his romantic life. First he becomes involved with Kaede (Rie Yokoyama) a cafe manager, but that is not going to be a very permanent relationship once he discovers she is married. Next, he goes through slightly more formal channels to meet Ayako Hanamura (Eri Ishida) and the two decide that marriage might be the best option for both of them. Unfortunately, his former lover Kaede has run off with his best friend, Hirotsugu Nakamori (Johnny Ogura) — who is in a lot of trouble already because of stealing some money — and the two are not heard from again until the day of Mitsuo’s wedding. Hirotsugu shows up alone at the wedding, bearer of a tragic tale — not the kind of auspicious beginning Mitsuo and his bride would have wanted for their new life together.Read More »

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