Klaus Härö

  • Klaus Härö – Postia pappi Jaakobille AKA Letters to Father Jacob (2009)

    Drama2001-2010FinlandKlaus Härö

    With few options, newly pardoned convict Leila agrees to work as an assistant to a blind pastor. Father Jacob spends his days answering the letters of the needy, which Leila finds pointless. But when the letters stop, the pastor is devastated and Leila finds herself cast in a new role.Read More »

  • Klaus Härö – Äideistä parhain AKA Mother of Mine (2005)

    2001-2010DramaFinlandKlaus Härö


    The film highlights a significant event in Finnish history — that during WWII, around 70,000 Finnish children were sent to Sweden among other countries to be temporarily hosted as their real parents stayed in Finland to continue in the war. The story is made accessible and immediate by taking us through the experiences of one child — Eero (Topi Majaniemi) — who as a 9-year old boy is dealing with language differences, a desire to return home, and a host family that can provide materially, but maybe not in the non-material ways that Eero really needs.
    Read More »

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