Klaus Lemke

  • Klaus Lemke – Berlin Izza Bitch! (2021)

    Klaus Lemke2021-2030ComedyDramaGermany

    no year will be complete without a new Klaus Lemke picture – so enjoy!

    Berlin right after the first lockdown. Real life pulsates again in the capital, people roam the streets and sit in their favourite cafés.

    But the beautiful appearance is deceptive, Berlin can be quite mean, gentrification doesn’t take a break even in a pandemic. Crooks are up to their tricks and become victims themselves. An Italian woman is looking for true love – what will she find?

    the genre is LEMKE!Read More »

  • Klaus Lemke – Brandstifter (1969)

    1961-1970DramaGermanyKlaus Lemke

    A drama set in Cologne’s revolutionary circles of the late 1960s.
    Die in der außerparlamentarischen Opposition aktive Studentin Anka hat vonfolgenlosen Diskussionen die Nase voll.

    Da sie nicht mehr daran glaubt, mit Worten allein die Welt verändern zu können, plant sie eine militante Aktion: Aus Protest gegen den Vietnam-Krieg deponiert sie eine Bombe in einem Kölner Kaufhaus, um die Öffentlichkeit zur Auseinandersetzung zu zwingen.Read More »

  • Klaus Lemke – Amore (1978)

    1971-1980ComedyCultGermanyKlaus Lemke

    Maria is in her mid-20s and lives with her father, a widowed small greengrocer, in Haidhausen. Her friend Bärbel is madly in love with the charming Italian Pietro. His father is a vegetable wholesaler at the Munich wholesale market. Except Maria, who can’t stand him at first, all the girls are interested in the heartbreaker. When Pietro leaves Bärbel, Maria decides to take revenge on him. She makes him fall in love with her, which also makes her friend Franz, a Bundeswehr soldier, very jealous.Read More »

  • Klaus Lemke – Sylvie (1973)

    1971-1980DramaGermanyKlaus LemkeRomance

    Fashion model Sylvie falls asleep drunk in the cab of Munich taxi driver Paul, and an impossible love affair beckons. Renegade director Klaus Lemke had previously startled German TV audiences with the biker drama Rocker, announcing an unprecedented, unvarnished freshness and authenticity with nonprofessional actors, real dialect and on-the-fly style. In Sylvie, he adds a disarming tenderness.Read More »

  • Klaus Lemke – Rocker (1972)

    1971-1980ArthouseCultGermanyKlaus Lemke


    The most authentic movie about Hamburg in 1970’s – Rock’n’roll, sex, drugs, 1970’s lifestyle, 1970’s hairstyle, murder, prostitution, Santana, bikers, Reeperbahn, and St. Pauli provide the basis for the story featuring Gerd and Modschiedler, the ill-assorted couple (if at all amateur actors, who act themselves) of this fantastic movie.

    The most outstanding characteristic is the idiom of the 1970’s – as a German native speaker you will have lots of fun watching this movie. From my perspective the funny but very authentic dialogs are the key highlights – not only of the movie but also of the 1970’s.Read More »

  • Klaus Lemke – Paul (1974)

    1971-1980CrimeGermanyKlaus Lemke


    After 7 years spent in jail Paul (Paul Lyss) is free again.
    With his old crew he celebrates his return.Nothing really changes and soon he finds himself spaced out drunk at some posh party and eventually ends up wielding a big gun.Hand held Camera movements in best Dogma-95 style and nervous cut makes it an interesting 70’s euro crime flick.Read More »

  • Klaus Lemke – 48 Stunden bis Acapulco AKA 48 Hours to Acapulco (1967)

    1961-1970ActionCrimeGermanyKlaus Lemke


    A German film and the debut film by Klaus Lemke from 1967.

    Torn between a life with an industrialist’s daughter and the jet-set beauty Monica, Frank decides to stake everything on one card. He adapts a gangster life-style based on his American B-movie heroes, as Monica helps him plan to ransom information stolen from the industrialist. The longing for the great adventure drives him to Rome and Acapulco, and finally to his fate on the beaches of the Caribbean Sea.Read More »

  • Klaus Lemke – Finale (2007)

    2001-2010CrimeEroticaGermanyKlaus Lemke



    Improvised sex and small crime fiction, shot during and involving the real soccer world cup 2006 in Hamburg, GermanyRead More »

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