Koen Mortier

  • Koen Mortier – Ex Drummer (2007)

    A famous writer gets visited by a band of retards who heard that he can play drums and need a famous drummer for their band “The Feminists”. The writer joins the band in hope for new material for a book and the ride begins: Violence, bald women, men get raped by huge dicks, 3somes, rocknroll, people living upside down, killing sprees,a baby on drugs and a brief vacation inside a vagina.Read More »

  • Koen Mortier – 22 mei AKA 22nd of May (2010)

    Sam works as a security guard in a shopping centre. The 22nd of May looks as if it’s going to be a day like any other. But when he stands outside smoking a cigarette, fate strikes. In the shopping centre, a boy with a rucksack blows himself up. And Sam didn’t notice. Or did he?Read More »

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